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Alafia Robinson

December 25, 1971 — February 14, 2024

Alafia Robinson

December 25, 1971 — February 14, 2024

Alafia Robinson, 52, born on December 25, 1971, in Los Angeles, CA, United States, passed away February 14, 2024. He resided in Los Angeles, CA at the time of his passing. Arrangements are under the care of Forest Lawn, Covina Hills, CA.


Who was Alafia Maurice Robinson (Washington)?

Alafia meaning – peace and wellbeing. 

Donte Thomas (Washington) perspective:

 Alafia’s nick names over the years. 

  • A-love (Junior High School)
  • The Wash (High School)
  • Lafeets (An inside joke)
  • Laf (current)

My favorite quote coined by Laf:

  • “Outsiders outside me seem crazy.”



  • I think most people would be surprised at how multifaceted Laf was. Laf was much more than what people saw on the surface. 

  • Laf was an artist, a baker, a cook, an athlete, a people person, a rapper, a music aficionado, a barber, a protector, your favorite bully, a trendsetter, a ladies’ man, a dancer, was able to do the splits, had the gift of gab, etc. 

Some details:

  • Laf was an incredible artist (like a cartoonist). He could draw anything. Often his drawings were like that of the Fat Albert drawings. 

  • Laf was a baker. When we were kids, Laf was the resident baker (because what he baked was delicious). He baked a variety of cookies and cakes all from scratch. Thinking back, he seemed at peace when he was baking. 

  • Laf loved all types of music. Some of his favorite groups when we were children that would surprise you:
    1. Tears for Fears
    2. Wham
    3. The Cure

  • Laf was a protector, a rogue protector. For example, if he heard that someone did you wrong, he would go and check that person unbeknownst to you. 

  • Laf was your favorite bully. He would bully you, but he would not let anyone else bully you. It was a conflicting feeling. 

  • Laf was a trendsetter. In junior high school, he would wear our mom’s jean jacket and made it look cool. I remember him asking our mom to wear her jacket and I thought it was the most ridiculous idea. He had this unique eye for style and people were quick to emulate his style.

  • Laf was a rapper.Laf started rapping in Junior high. In high school he would compete in freestyle battles at parties. He was actually pretty good. But being his brother, I couldn’t admit it at the time. 
    1. First rap in Junior High (Hilarious!):
      • "My name’s A-love and I’m so fine, all the girls want me for my body and my mind."

  • Laf was a lady’s man. He was essentially a celebrity in High School. Walking through campus between classes, it seemed as if I always heard girls raving about Laf. I felt proud. 

  • Laf was the most confident person that I knew. I call it unconscious confidence. No matter what he went through, it seemed that nothing could break his confidence. There was a period in High School when we were homeless and would bounce around staying different hotels. I was so embarrassed that I didn’t want anyone to know. But Laf was so confident that he would have different girls pick us up from the hotels. It was like it didn’t faze him. His actions made me feel better about the situation.  Even after his unfortunate burn incident, he shortly after ended up in a music video using the look to his advantage. 

  • Laf was an athlete. He excelled at baseball, basketball, and football at an early age. He really shined at football. He was a tight end that played like Gronkowski. He was a specimen. Coaches drooled over him. In my mind he could have easily made the NFL. Unfortunately, the multitude of distractions caused him to lose focus.  
  • Laf had the gift of gab; He was well spoken, had a clever choice of words, and could charm anyone from any walk of life. From the poorest to the richest. From the most ghetto to the most uppity. 

  • Laf was conceited and vain. He knew he was good looking, and he wasn’t afraid to let you know it. He was entitled. He felt that he deserved to have anything he wanted. He was like some of the Kings that you heard about, read about, or watched a movie about.  If you stripped the title off of those Kings, you’d be left with a conceited, vain, and entitled person. Laf had King syndrome. Although he didn’t have a kingdom, he carried himself as a King. 

  • Laf was a barber. He cut his own hair, my hair and other people’s hair for years. It would be hard to find Laf without a fresh lineup. 

  • Laf was able to do the splits. Yes, Laf.  One day, I was at a park with Laf, our cousin, and a couple of their lady friends. This park was in Los Angeles around the corner from my grandmother’s house. Laf was playing around in the sand with the two females laughing and having a good time. The two females climb on his back (think piggyback ride) and Laf ‘s feet started sliding apart (due to the sand). To my surprise, his feet kept sliding until he was in a full split. That’s the first time that I found out he was able to do the splits. This is not something that I ever seen him practice. This is not something that I heard him talk about. He was just able to do it (the splits). To put this in perspective Laf was 6’3” 280 lbs at the time. 
  • I can go on and on. But at the very least, I wanted to provide a side of Laf that I don’t think many people knew about. He was multifaceted, much more than just the big intimidating guy. 
  • I love my brother, I look up to my brother, I was amazed at how great he was. His energy was intoxicating. I’m still in awe at how confident he was. I’m still in awe at how smart he was. I’m still in awe at how people were drawn to him. He was my big brother, literally and figuratively. I wanted his stamp of approval for my accomplishments (even though I was trying to act tough and show indifference). I wanted him to be proud of me. I was joyful when he indicated (in his own way) that he was proud of me. His presence, near and far, motivated me.  I miss him deeply, and for as long as I live, I will never let his name die. Rest in Peace my brother. We were safer with you here even if we didn’t realize it. May God continue to bless you and take care of you in your afterlife. 

Your Brother, 

Donte Thomas (Washington)


Quinton Shields perspective (this is meant to make you laugh):


  • Hey Q, I can’t allow myself to feel for you right now. You feel me. 

  • Don’t look at me like that Q. With those softy eyes pal. It’s not going to work.

  • If it comes down to you or me, it’s going to be you. You are alive because I allow it ninja. 

  • On some serious shit though you might can beat me at madden but you can beat me. Let’s run it back. 

  • Uhhhhh ok pal. I can’t in good conscience let you leave here with that money. Please don’t make me do it. 

  • I won fair and square pay up ninja. Errrr, uhm, slow down tiger man. Pipe down, you win …Let me see what see what I got here for you beside a busted lip getting loud in Donnie’s house. It’s my house too. Don’t know body care about this shit ninja I get money. This is your problem you think life’s a fkn game. It’s really-real out here homie. 

  • Hey, let’s run it back one more time. Either we run it back and I win, and you pay me nothing and if you win, I pay you nothing. Either way it’s a win-win.

  • Your only allowed leniency because Donny trusts you and Donny don’t trust or really  like nobody. 

  • Q you really do not know who the real killer is do you. I am coming in like Ryukan (Street Fighter).  But Donny is like Ivan Drago (Rocky), “if he dies, he dies”. Donny got a glitch; he will walk in the front door blast everybody. Dejuan stealth mode: he will poison your water supply. 

  • Hey man I appreciate you bringing me food can you buy something other than these damn Carl junior spicy chicken sandwiches. Gee whizz. 

  • It’s a Military mind set you know what I mean…probably not. 

  • I could be done but only I can do it. 

  • I was almost a goner pal. 

  • You ain’t better than me because you have a job and material shit. Because you can’t stop me from taking it…if I really wanted it. Real talk. So, who’s really the better man.  Don’t fool yourself pal. 

  • Oooh boogoody boo, bout to hit a lick.

  • Hey man can I get ride to the station ….uhm I am not really asking...for real, I need you to run me to the store right quick before things get escalated to the next notch.

  • It’s go-time.


Darryl Donley’s perspective:

Who was Alafia?

Alafia was a very complicated man. 

A super alpha male that had to let you know he was in charge in everything, and in every way! Anything worth talking about or doing had to go through him first. He took total responsibility for everyone around him.


Alafia was extremely protective of his family, and the friends that he pledged into the family. If you knew Laf you knew at some point your loyalty to his family was going to be put to the test. 


Laf did not allow fake people around him or his family. If he thought, you were fake or not loyal you would be immediately confronted and challenged. 


Laf loved his family more than anyone could have known. Which did not exclude his family from confrontations. He saw it fit for him to be the Shepard of his family. It was his job to make sure his family was mentally, physically, emotionally able to handle him and life in general. Base on his brothers most would say he succeeded in his mission. 


If you were fortunate to have been pledged by Laf consider it a sign of respect, because very few people were allowed to be around him, his friends, or his family.


From what I saw he was a very gifted male that was not able to utilize all of his gifts to reach his full potential. I remember him talking shit to me then the next week he was asking me to check out rap video his produce and give him feedback. I was like bro you cussed me out last week. I am still pissed about that... lol, but again when you had his respect, he showed it through his actions... 


Family is hard, family is everything, and I am honored to have experienced all of Laf. If you were as lucky to experience Laf know that you were part of his circle of love...


Rest peacefully, 

Darryl Donley


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Funeral Service of Alafia Robinson

Friday, April 5, 2024

12:00 - 1:00 pm (Pacific time)

Forest Lawn - Covina Hills - Church of our Heritage

21300 Via Verde Drive, Covina, CA 91724

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